Friday, September 18, 2009

Camperland RV Resort in Rosedale, British Columbia

Hi Again,

Since we have fast internet tonight (as opposed to earlier in the evening when I couldn't even get my home page to come up), I thought I'd update this blog while the going is good. Today (September 18), we drove about 300 or more miles again to get to this RV park where we had reservations. We will be spending the weekend here.

The drive to this place was absolutely beautiful. I shot 105 pictures from the RV while we were driving, but could only resurrect about 35 of them. The reason? BUGS, BUGS and more BUGS all over the windshield! We didn't have bugs in Alaska and hardly ever had to clean the windshield. Alaska also doesn't have any fleas or ticks (per a vet we talked to up there). So, back to my pictures, I had to discard all those that were spotted with too many bugs.

The pictures I took speak for themselves. Lots of mountains, trees, rivers and the leaves turning at this time of the year made for a very pleasant drive today.
Back to Jay Leno. We heard an ad on the radio that he was on a local station tonight. And, guess what? He is on! Got to go.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jerry and Mary

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