Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hope, Alaska

Hi Everyone,

What a find! Beautiful road leading into this small town of a few hundred people and easy access to fishing. Below are some pictures of the scenery on the way into the city of Hope. The picture on the top is pretty much the whole town.

We parked with the back of the RV towards the river. So, all we had to do was walk a hundred feet or so to the river.

Jerry, after a bit of a learning curve, caught two pink salmon. There is something special about eating the salmon that you caught yourself and served on my birthday.

The weather report for the whole Kenai peninsula shows rain. But, that doesn't always mean a thing because more than half of the time the report is wrong. It did rain a bit in Hope, though, and one night we had very high winds that rocked the RV all night long. Put me to sleep and kept Jerry awake!

We've moved on to Homer and will tell you more about Homer in the next posting.

Until next time, enjoy the life you love. And, thank you to those who emailed or called me on my birthday yesterday.

Jerry and Mary

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