Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Talkeetna, Alaska

Hi Everyone,

After spending three more days in Soldotna and exploring further that little town, we left yesterday (June 7) and drove to Anchorage. OMG! Getting into the city at rush hour was not our cup of tea. We forgot about the traffic at rush hour. Certainly not as bad as LA, but something we like to avoid.

We sure that the drive to Anchorage must be beautiful. But, we couldn't see the mountains for the dense smoke from the fires in Denali. We checked out two of the three RV parks in Anchorage that we were aware of, and settled in on so close to the railroad tracks we felt as if the train was really going to hit our RV. (We didn't see the railroad tracks when we checked in.)

Today, after getting our Starbucks mochas, we headed for Talkeetna and had to drive through Wasilla to get here. Sarah Palin hails from Wasilla, so we were a bit more interested in that little town than usual. Let me say this -- it is small! There was a sign directing people to the downtown on Main Street. We made a right hand turn to go in that direction and saw the post office and another government building -- and two blocks later, we were past the downtown. Actually, the highway runs straight through the town, with numerous little businesses along the way. We ate our Subway sandwich there and were once again on our way.

The road to Talkeetna (Highway 3 - Parks Highway) was a bit bumpty. And, again, we couldn't really see what we think may have been beautiful mountains because of the smoke. Talkeetna is geering up for its annual "Moose Dropping Festival" this weekend. The town reminds us of Cambria, CA -- lots of small unique shops and many people already here just walking the streets.

The weather is hot -- 84 degrees! And, very little breeze. Tonight, we will walk the town ourselves and actually find a place to eat. (Jerry, the cook, wants a night off.)

Dorothy and Dave will be joining us this weekend for the festivities. Will tell you more about it in our next blog.

Until then -- take care.

Jerry and Mary

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Patricia said...

Sounds like an adventureous few days. By now you should have attended the "Moose Dropping" fun filled day. Hope you will be posting pictures. Are the fires in Danali connected to the volcano activity or just wildland fires in general?? What sort restaurant did you find for Jerry's night off? :)
We've had Sierra & Chase with us this week, lots of fun at the beach & Shamel Park pool.
Miss you, Pat