Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hello to all!

After leaving Las Vegas, we spent the night in Mesquite, NV. With one of the two main casinos in Mesquite closed down, the place was not a den of activity. The weather was in the high 70s. We wore shorts and I wore my sandals as we left Mesquite.

But, somewhere along the nearly 4 hour drive to Bryce Canyon, the temperature dropped into the 40s as we were at almost 10,000 feet altitude going over Highway 14 pass. We were surprised to see snow along the highway.

After descending from the summit, we headed towards Highway 12. An article in The Tribune before we left Cambria stated that Highway 12 in Utah was a "must see before you die." Thus, we wanted to include Highway 12 on this trip. And are we glad that we did! So far, we have seen Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon. We are spending 5 days at an RV park just outside the entrance to Bryce Canyon.

We rode our bikes into the State Park. It was a bit of an up hill ride, and being at 8,000 feet altitude didn't help our breathing. Of all the people visiting Bryce this week, we were the only two (plus a dog) riding bikes. It was a real workout, but well worth it. In this slower mode of travel, we were able to take in more of the scenery and wild life -- because we didn't zoom past it in a vehicle.

We had fun taking lots of pictures and have put together a short slide show for you. See also a couple of pictures below the slide show. Enjoy!


SMSullivan said...

Well it's Wednesday but I need to type fast (15 minutes flies by).

I noticed the Bryce Canyon presentation was obviously stealing techniques (filming photos) from that cutting edge technology company of the 70s...what was the name again. Oh yeah, Avcomm. Whatever happened to them. I think they merged with Google at some point.

Hope you guys are having as much fun as it appears.


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