Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada)

We left Cambria 6 weeks ago, and are finally now in Canada. So we turned off our cell phones and will keep them off until we get to Alaska, approximately 4-6 weeks away. Rates in Canada are too high.

Our drive from Montana to Lethbridge, Alberta was a bit hectic. The winds were easily 60 miles per hour, hitting us from the left side of the RV. That caused the awning on the left side to unroll while we were traveling down the road. Not just once, but so many times we couldn't count! The way Jerry handled it was to slow down the RV, and the awning would automatically roll back in. After doing this for numerous times, we sighted some grain silos beside the left side of the road. He drove to the right of the silos to block the wind. Then, with a little duck tape and bungie cords, we were set to go without any more incidents.

We've been in Lethbridge for three days now and will leave tomorrow to join up with Dorothy, my sister, and Dave (her husband) who will be making the rest of the trip more or less with us in their camper. We are looking forward to the experience.

We've been using a device called SPOT, a GPS tracking device to let family and friends know (by cell, text, or email) where we are, or to get help, if necessary, or to dial 911 in the event of something serious happening to us. The device also pin points on the Google Map the exact place we are staying. We will update the Google Map below with each new posting.

Until next time -- we repeat -- live the life you love!

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