Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chetwynd, British Columbia

Hi Everyone,

We are staying here in Chetwynd, BC (60 miles from Dawson Creek) for two nights. Dorothy and Dave have moved on to spend the night at Tumbler Ridge. We are to meet them later this weekend in Dawson Creek.

Our trip here took most of the day yesterday. On the way, we saw 7 bears (one mama bear and her two cubs) and a large moose by the side of the road. I had my camera ready the whole time, but didn't get even one picture. Instead, Jerry grabbed his Nikon 200D and, without looking through the view finder while driving the RV, was able to capture three shots of one of the bears that we saw. But, after looking at the pictures he took, he erased them. Our goal is to get a really good picture of a bear and put it on this site.

Chetwynd is known for its wood carving artistry. They have an annual festival in the middle of June. See picture of the town's welcome display below.

Today, the four of us took a side trip to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. The Bennitt Dam is one of the largest-earth filled hydro-electric dams in the world. The dam's embankment stretches 1.25 miles across the top edge and is nearly 600 feet tall. See the small white patch at the bottom of the picture? Those are cars -- gives you some perspective of how large this dam is. We were able to take a trip down into the tunnel underneath the dam where we learned more about this impressive man-made structure that utilizes natural rock to hold back the water.

Next stop: Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway!

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