Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dawson Creek, BC - Mile "0" of the Alaskan Highway

We are now in Dawson Creek, BC. First thing we did was to find the Mile "0" sign that is the start of the Alaskan Highway. There are two such signs, one near the Visitor's Center and another one in the center of their main street in town. We stopped in at the Visitor's Center to get information and ask about the two signs. We were told that the one down town is the true one that was moved to its current downtown location because cars kept hitting it in the round-about. So, across the street from the round-about by the Visitor's Center, they erected a larger sign, more conducive to tourist photos at the start of Mile "0." We are showing you both signs below. (The RV in the picture is parked at the sign near the Visitor's Center.) (Make sure you always scroll below for larger pictures that we add to this Blog, and click on the tracking dots on the Map for more information about where we are at.)

After finding the Subway and eating our lunch, we headed out to the RV Park located within walking distance of the small town. Although it is sunny out, it is extremely windy. So windy, that it almost takes both of us to open the door of the RV as the wind is forcing it shut.

Finally, fuel prices for diesel are less than the prices for regular gasoline. We filled up our fuel tank in town and paid $.85 a liter (that converts to $3.20 per gallon for diesel), while regular gasoline (after the conversion) is $4.20 per gallon.

One other conversion we have to constantly make is the speed limit for miles per hour and the number of miles to our next destination. That one is easy. If the speed limit is 100 kilometers (km), you multiply that number by 6 and drop the last number. That gets you to 60 miles per hour. If the number of miles to our next destination is 320 km, you multiply that number by 6 and drop the last digit. (320x6=1,920 or 192 miles). Keeps us on our toes!

We are going to relax here for the weekend and start up the Alaskan Highway on Monday. The tour books tell us that we will not see much change in the scenery until we get about 400 miles from here.

It is interesting to meet the people along the way. While getting our fuel today, Jerry talked to the couple next to us (also RVers) who told him that they, too, were making the trip up the Alaskan Highway -- and, get this -- it will be their 31st trip in the last 40 years!

Until next time -- stay safe, healthy and enjoy the life you love!

Jerry and Mary

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