Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anchor Point and Seldotna (again), Alaska

We finally moved out from Homer after spending nearly two weeks on the Homer "Spit." We said our "good-byes" to Dorothy and Dave as each of us were now going to go our own ways for a while. But, when Jerry and I got to Anchor Point (only a few miles up the road) and stopped to eat our Subway sandwiches we purchased in Homer before we left, who comes knocking on our door but Dave and his friend. So we ended up spending the night in Anchor Point and joining Dave, Dorothy, our pilot, his wife and grandson, Dave's new friend and his wife for a fish fry. Later, they sat around the fire while Dorothy and I (with Chanti) took a long walk.

Anchor Point is the furtherest road west that is inter-connecting with other paved highways. You cannot drive further west on any highway in the USA. (Is that Russia over there?)
This morning, we again say our "last good-byes" while we moved on to a new RV park in Seldotna. Guess who just showed up at our door???? More to follow!

We're adding a video to this blog from the charter fishing that Dave and Jerry did last Saturday out of Homer. Hope you enjoy it.

It is about 65 degrees outside and raining. We will probably stay here for a couple of days before moving on. Right now there is a fire burning 25 miles from Fairbanks and that the reports we are hearing are that there is severe smoke in and around that area. Thus, we will take our time getting there.

Until next time, enjoy the life you love.

Jerry and Mary

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