Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still in Homer, Alaska

Hi Everyone,

So much to do and see in this place. Everyone has to visit the Salty Daug Saloon, which we did on Thursday. It is a landmark here in Homer. Inside, people hang dollar bills, business cards, underwear, and whatever on the ceilings and walls!
Here we are outside of the place.
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Then on Friday, Jerry and I biked into town to see the Homer Visitor's Center. This is a "must see" place for anyone coming to Homer. The Center is an ultra-modern structure, artistic, and over flowing with pertinent information on Alaska's marine and wildlife, volcanoes, birds, glaciers and hands-on aquatic life experiments and learning projects.

From there we biked to the Pratt Museum, another very special place. Between the Visitor's Center and the Pratt Museum, you can get answers to any questions you may have about Alaska's natural resources. One interesting thing we found was that they have cameras in the wild and out at the bird rookery (the one we saw on our way to Seldovia the other day) that beam back live action continuously. On one of the screens, we watched a wolf near a running stream, trying to decide if he should cross over to the other side.

Then on Saturday, Jerry and David took an all-day charter boat out to go halibut fishing. They had to be there at 6:30 a.m. which was a bit hard for both of them to do -- but they made it on time. By 1:00 pm, everyone on the boat had caught their limit (2 halibut per person). Guess what we will be eating for the next month? While they didn't catch the biggest halibut of the 14 persons on the boat fishing, one person on the boat did land a 145 pound halibut. But, not as big as the one we saw the other day of the guy that caught the 292.4 pound halibut. (See photo on the side.)

Will write more about our experiences here in Homer in the next blog. Until then, have a great week!


Ashlee said...

I have so much to go back and catch up on!!

Looks like so much adventure -- I can't believe they can catch such huge fish up there! Do they clean it for you and chop it up to take with for food? What did that guy do with that huge one? Is that even edible at that size? or just for sport...

Anyway, our house project has been taking up all my spare time. I'll try and post stuff when I can...
(oh, and sorry, I don't know my mom's e-mail addie. My dad's is I think.)

Jerry and Mary said...

Hi Ashley -- to answer your questions about the big halibut. Yes, the charter folks cut up and clean all the fish you catch, and then you walk away with the cleaned fish in a plastic bag. As for the real big ones, they are brought back to land to be weighed. And, they are also cut up, cleaned, and can be eaten. Dave said that the smaller ones taste better, though.
Take care, Mary