Monday, August 31, 2009

Skagway and Haines, Alaska

Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful day in Haines, Alaska. We were up at 5 am to catch to 7 am ferry from Skagway to Haines. It was a one hour trip by ferry. We left Skagway in fog and arrived in Haines with blue skies, a few white puffy clouds, temperature of 64 degrees F, and just a little wind.

After leaving the ferry, we checked out the three RV parks in Haines and settled in on the one that caught our attention the most. After eating breakfast, taking a nap (we aren't used to getting up at 5 am), and eating lunch, we set out to explore the town on our bikes. It was a perfect day for that.

We stopped first at the American Bald Eagle Foundation and toured the small facility. We learned that nearly 3,000 bald eagles gather along a four mile stretch of the Chilkat River, close to Haines, every fall to feast on the late salmon run. We will miss the event because it happens in October and November and is the largest gathering of bald eagles in the world each year.

While at the Foundation, we saw over 300 stuffed animals, birds and fish. Even though they are dead, it is interesting to see them up and close. The picture is of a blue heron.

Here is our take on Haines thus far. It is night and day from Skagway. Where Skagway was a quaint conclave of small gift shops, one right after another (60% being jewelry stores), Haines is more or less like the small town I grew up in -- where people actually live here. The few gift shops that are here are scathered here and there around Haines, a town of 2,300 people.

But, the cruise ships still stop here. And we can see why. Like Skagway, the town of Haines is surrounded by mountains, trees and water.

Yesterday, in Skagway, Jerry went on a hike and video-taped it. Here it is.

We leave on our next ferry going to Juneau (the capitol) on Thursday.

Enjoy your week! Continue to live the life you love!
Jerry and Mary


cruise deals said...

Haines is such a beautiful place! one of the best spots in Alaska, especially the nature around it!

Karen said...

Having just returned from two weeks in Alaska and the Yukon, I enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures. We also drove to Whitehorse, Yukon. It is NOT in Alaska though as someone might think from the way you worded it.

In Skagway, there is now a Sarah Palin store that is a must for all her fans.