Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seward (again), Alaska

Hi Everyone,

We moved on to Seward on Thursday (August 6). The scenery on the trip from Seldotna to Seward is beautiful. (See pictures below.) We were in Seward on the front part of our trip to Alaska, but it had rained most of the time when we were here last time. It was the only real rain we experienced on this trip so far. We wanted to see Seward without the rain because it is such a beautiful city on the shores of Resurrection Bay. We were lucky enough to get a spot for our RV as this place is filled with RVers this time because the silver salmon fishing season opened this weekend.

We weren't here 5 minutes and guess who showed up again!! It was great. We had two more days with Dorothy and Dave.

On Friday, the four of us went to visit the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska's only public aquarium. It is a learning center, enabling visitors to view an assortment of birds, fish, sea lions, sea urchins, and experience various interactive displays. We listened to yet another presentation on the devastation of the Valdez oil spill some twenty years ago by now, and were told that the oil is still hanging around some of Alaska's shores.

Jerry and I took our bikes out for a ride around the place yesterday, and, of course, we stopped for a mocha.

Last night, we all had a great salmon dinner with Dorothy and Dave. Afterwards, we said our "good byes" once again. Only this time we think it is for real. So, for those of you following Dorothy and Dave's trip, you will just have to wait for Dorothy's post cards to arrive.

We will leave here tomorrow and head north towards Fairbanks and Denali National Park.

Until next time, have a great week!


Patricia said...

Hi Guys,
Love your pictures. One of my favorites is still the eagle sitting on the rock as if he was just waiting for you to take pictures. Are Dorothy & Dave headed back home?? How long will you take on your trip to Fairbanks?
We are gearing up & battening down the hatches for the big storm. They think the hurricane will down size by the time it gets here but expect lots of rain & significant winds. Should be interesting. We will keep you posted as long as we don't lose power. The other side (Hilo) is suppose to get the brunt of it.
Talk later, love ya, Pat

Jerry and Mary said...

Hi Pat and Bill,
It just took Jerry 10 days to get that photo of the eagle!
Heard from Dorothy and Dave today. They will be in British Columbia tonight, heading slowly back to Minnesota (via Oregon).
Let us know how the hurricane effected you. Our internet is very slow here in Whittier.
Just FTI, today is Bob and Nancy's 39th wedding anniversary.
Glad you are following the blog.
Talk to you later.
Jerry & Mary

Jerry and Mary said...
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Jerry and Mary said...
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Jerry and Mary said...
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