Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exit Glacier, Cooper Landing and Kenai, Alaska

Hi again everyone,

We are located at the mouth of the world famous Kenai River in Kenai, Alaska where it meets the ebb and flow of the Cook Inlet tides. Here is where the salmon enter that the people on the Kenai River are trying to catch. Dave and Dorothy left on Monday to get a head start on fishing.
Even though it rained off and on most of our time in Seward, Jerry had to build a fire on the last night we were there. We loved Seward and only wished we could have taken our bikes out on their long bike trail. Who knows, we may just come back to this place.

(We have super fast wi-fi here in Kenai which makes updating this blog fun and easy.)

After we left Seward, we went to see the Exit Glacier. The drive to the Glacier was on 9 miles of paved scenic road. The Glacier itself is 3 miles long. We had to walk 1/2 mile to get there and then could walk down to the "toe" of the Glacier. Unfortunately, they didn't tell us that after we got down to the bottom, we, along with everyone else, had to figure a way to cross the running water from the Glacier. Most people (including us) decided not to try to cross the water streams.

(See more pictures of Exit Glacier on the side and down below.)

After leaving Exit Glacier, we stopped near Cooper Landing. Everywhere we saw a river, we saw people standing in the water trying to snag salmon. We stopped at a beautiful place along the highway and had a great halibut dinner that Jerry made. See picture below of our view.

After dinner, we were driving down the road and saw Dorothy and Dave's RV parked in a rest area beside the road. We made a U-turn and joined them. But, Dave's plan was to move on at 11 pm so that he could fish from 11-2 am (that was suppose to be the best time to catch fish). Sure enough, they were gone this morning. He later left us a voice mail to say that he caught four salmon last night.

We plan to stay here at Kenai for at least three days. The temperature is about 55 degrees with a few clouds. Even though it is now 11:30 pm, it feels like 6 pm as it is that light outside.
We have been staying up quite late because it stays bright outside, even in the middle of the night.

Will probably write more later before we leave here. Have to take advantage of this fast internet.

Take care,

Jerry and Mary

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