Monday, June 8, 2009

Watson Lake, Yukon Territory - Mile 613

Hi Everyone Again,

Trying to catch up, with internet connections slower than dial up, is a challange. If you didn't have patience when you start writing a blog under these circumstances, you quickly develop it.

Today, we walked over to the Watson Lake Signpost Forest, a block from the RV park. See the picture of the sign below that describes this unique area. Of course, we had to add our sign consisting of a Pines by the Sea license plate cover with our names, date and words from part of an old (embossed) t-shirt from the East West Ranch (now called the Fiscalini Ranch) ("This is Your Land" Cambria, North Coast SWAP California). In 2006, there were 61,398 signs posted in the Signpost Forest. Now there are 61,399 and, obviously, a lot more than that. See the video of us hanging our sign.

Then, this evening, we attended a show at The Northern Lights Centre that included a portion on astronauts and the aurora borealis. Having actually seen the aurora borealis while living in Grand Forks, ND many years ago, I found the scientific explanation comforting. The Centre is a state-of-the art panoramic video and surround sound system inside a special titled dome. The show lasts 55 minutes and is well worth it.
Tomorrow, we move on again up the Alaskan Highway. Every now and then, it feels good to get back into civilization. But, we are more than ready to move on out again. Never know what we will experience next!
Jerry and Mary

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