Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whittier and Seward, Alaska - Kenai Peninsula

Hi Everyone,

We hung around Valdez for four days and really enjoyed this sleepy little town. Not much to do there, but it is beautiful with all the high snow covered mountains surrounding the whole place and its location right on the water. See more pictures below. Jerry washed the RV (a five hour process after all the mud and dirt caked on it from our travels on those rough roads).
On Wednesday (June 17), we had a scheduled appointment to drive the RV onto a Ferry that took us on the marine highway for 2-1/2 hours over to Whittier, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. We took the noon Ferry because the only other one leaving Valdez would have taken 5 hours and would have left at 8 in the morning. Taking the Ferry saved us driving approximately 320 miles to get here and traveling back over some of the same roads we were already on.

But, even more so than that, the experience of boating right past ice caps sticking out of the water, seeing a beautiful glacier, watching the lush greenery of the mountains with snow patches and waterfalls, and feeling the speed of the Ferry was exhilarating. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, but that was minor.

After driving our RV off of the Ferry (with guidance from the crew), we drove through a 6-1/2 mile tunnel (one way traffic only). We were held up, along with all the tour busses and everyone else, because we were told that two motocycles went down in the tunnel.

Dave and Dorothy saved a spot for us at a very nice RV park outside of Whittier, Alaska (yes - Sue and Raul, there is a Whittier, Alaska, too). We spent the evening catching up. This was a great spot for parking the RV and we may come back to it. It is called the Williwaw Park.

On Thursday, we all moved on to Seward, another city surrounded by mountains, and located on Resurrection Bay. We are parked parallel to the water's edge (about 25 feet from the water) and look across the water to the mountains on the other side. We see cruise lines and hugh oil tankers come and go right in front of us. Since we have been here, there have been low hanging clouds in the mountains and an occasional rain.

Dorothy and Dave joined us for dinner and afterwards then we all took a long walk on the paved bike/walkway that runs along the ocean bank. There are numerous RV parks here, one right after the other along the waterway.

Today (June 19), Jerry and Dave left to get a fishing license for Jerry and then try their hand at fishing. Dorothy and I will hang out together for the day.

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