Friday, June 26, 2009

Kenai, Alaska - Tides and Mount Redoubt

Hello everyone,

Just want all the travelers out there to know that the Beluca Lookout Lodge & RV Park here in Kenai, Alaska has the fastest wi-fi internet speed of any place we have been to since the start of our trip. It's a beautiful park, too, right on the bluff overlooking the water and within walking distance of town's various commercial and eating places. Also, the RV Park has washers and dryers which have a number of boondockers coming here just to do their laundry. Kenai is the largest of the towns on the Kenai Peninsula and has 7,100 people. For those that need supplies, it also has a Home Depot, Lowes, and a Walmart under construction.

From our RV window, we can watch the tides come in and go out. The incoming water rushes in so fast, it is amazing to watch the bay fill up. The literature states that the "37-foot tides here are exceeded only by those in Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy." See picture of the high tide above and picture of low tide below it.

Today, we took a nice 3-hour bike trip around the town. The city of Kenai has a great bike path running along the Kenai Spur Highway.

As an added benefit - we can see Mount Redoubt also from our RV window and watch the steam coming off of the mountain. See picture below.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we will pack up and travel a short distance to the Captain Cook State Park. It will probably take us a whole 15 minutes to get there.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Jerry and Mary


Patricia said...

Looks like a great spot. Is there any talk of VOG from the volcano plume like they are experiencing in Hawaii?? Hope you have a good trip to your next location & not too heavy of traffic along the way :) I love the picture of Mt. Redoubt

Anonymous said...

Mary and Jerry, I am so enjoying your adventures and photos. Although I've been to Alaska, you guys can do it up close and personal. Happy Trails, Judy

Jerry and Mary said...

Hey, Pat -- they just reported on the news here in Alaska that the activity is slowing down on Mount Redoubt.

Hi Judy -- thanks for following our blog. Mary