Sunday, June 7, 2009

Muncho Lake and Hot Springs, British Columbia

Whew! What a week! It's times like these that we are so thankful to be able to live our lives without any timeline.

Dorothy and Dave left us on Tuesday (June 2) to move on to Muncho Lake. Driving to Muncho Lake and surrounding the Lake are snow capped mountains. There are only 15 sites in this particular Provincial Park and they were all filled. But, they were able to secure two sites for us early the next morning. And what beautiful sites they were -- right on the lake as you can see in the pictures! In the five days that we spent there, it was amazing to see the number of RVers showing up after 5 p.m. each day expecting to find a site at this small park.

The one thing you first notice about this beautiful 7-mile long lake is how blue-green is the water. This is because sulfur leaks into the water, turning it a stunning blue-green color. The air temperature was in the low 80s and it was great. The slide show shows a little about our stay in this beautiful place.

On Thursday (June 4), Dorothy and Dave left because Dave was anxious to get to Alaska to start fishing. We stayed on because it was so beautiful.
On Thursday afternoon the Park Ranger came through and told everyone that the Alaskan Highway was closed about 60 miles up the way due to a severe fire. (Makes us wonder if Dorothy and Dave made it through before the highway was closed as we still don't know. Our cell phones haven't worked yet.)
Word came on Friday that the highway was now open. We finally left on Saturday and headed for Liard Hot Springs. If you have never been to a hot springs, it is really something to experience. Talk about "hot!" We couldn't even put our toes into the water until some people in the water told us where to get in (a place where the water was a bit cooler, but still hot). We loved it so much, we went back today (Sunday) before we left for Watson Lake.

The picture shows us parked at Liard Hot Springs. Everything is so lush and green because of the hot springs.

Driving to Watson Lake, we we were able to see where the fire was and still somewhat burning in the numerous hot spots. We had to wait for an escort to lead us through. We figured that there was an easy 15 miles of fire damage, some on both sides of the highway. There was still so much smoke from the fires, it looked as if we were back in Cambria, CA driving into the fog.

The drive on the Alaskan Highway had us weaving in and out of British Columbia and The Yukon. Watson Lake is located in The Yukon where we plan to stay a couple of days, just to get back into civilization (update this blog, get our washing done, and Jerry wants to wash the RV) before heading out again into the sparsely populated area of The Yukon.
We wish all of you great week ahead. We will tell you about ours in the next blog.
Jerry and Mary

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